Save Me A Place

       The Stevie Nicks Pervert has stopped brushing his teeth, but he has stopped eating too, so it all balances out.
        He has become so used to not doing these things that he can not do them in his sleep. For a challenge, he has stopped sleeping.
       He uses all the free time to think about the Finnish girl. He has put on the mask to help him think. He is thinking so hard about her that he is making a noise. The noise is halfway between a fridge and a whimper. It is starting to hurt.
       He thinks a bit harder. About there being nothing but his breath left inside him. His breath and a person shaped space, on the other side of his skin.
       He is thinking about his breath swapping places with the Finnish girl.
       He will start with his lips at her forehead. Just before her hair. Have a few practice goes. Then, finally, he will pull her deep inside him. They will both be surprised at how easy it is, how natural. He will feel her laughing where his lungs used to be. There will be nothing inside him that is not her, and he will not want her to leave.
       She will have a taste that his breath did not have.
       There will be sixty, maybe eighty, seconds where they are together. After this he will have no choice. He will have to let her go to keep them both alive. This is what she will tell him; spelling it out on his insides with a finger. He will not listen and the spelling will become more insistent. It will become somehow more and yet less intelligible. It will become a tapping, then a stabbing. The message will make him ache, and he will have no choice because he loves her. He will open his mouth, and she will go.
       He wonders how far she could go from him, and still keep him alive.
       The noise is halfway between dust and a hurt dog.

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